Our Company

JD's Upholstery is Nashville's most reliable upholstery business. Located in the heart of Nashville, TN. JD's Upholstery is owned and operated by Jimmy Davenport and family since 2005. Jimmy and his son, James, ensure the quality and craftsmanship of each piece that leaves the shop.

We have had the opportunity to work with some of Nashville's finest businesses, hotels, restaurants and hospitals. We offer great knowledge in a wide variety of materials. Our professional staff is dedicated to achieving the highest quality results that meet our demanding standards, as well as our customers high expectations of us.

We are a family owned and operated business. We are a Christian based business. The reason we started this business is to provided a good service at a reasonable price.

JD's Upholstery specializes in Commercial Upholstery, Residential Upholstery, Marine Upholstery and Automotive Upholstery.

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